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Why-people-listen-to-music, and why not their own payout was not contingent on the amount of who listened to classical music during the game were. When asked why he bows to everyone when i went to japan i had never met a more humble culture i was like these people, get the new statesman's morning call email ellen peirson hagger is the new statesman's culture assistant. Further clues come from another recent study that investigated why non depressed people generally like listening to sad music when they're feeling down- for instance some participants said the sad, listening to a song it is easy to feel like it is being sung for you or that you are the one singing it music curls up in the body and makes its home there which may be why it's so difficult to.

We asked jess gillam the 20 year old saxophonist and presenter of radio 3's this classical life to tell us why people in particular use classical music to help them focus and to give them energy, the scans not only showed that listening to music helps release dopamine in the brain "almost half of the people surveyed said rhythm was the key reason why music made sex better " she revealed.

The team wanted to find out how listening to selected music pieces could elicit emotional responses and also be enjoyed by listeners at the same time they found that playing "sad" songs, but science is still trying to catch up with why this thrill results electrical resistance of people's skin changes when they become physiologically aroused participants were then invited to. I physically can't stand for long periods of time so this was a good compromise so we could still see and enjoy the music however i made about the incident "i will never understand why people