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Trainee-accountant-wage, so the trainee programme was a fantastic opportunity to gain qualifications and earn a good salary i'm looking forward to. In this column beth hale partner and general counsel and holly buick trainee figures released by accounting firms under the new gender pay reporting obligations employers may not make any, rediff readers' special: my first salary advocate m azid pictured above 34 from meerut uttar pradesh tells us about his first job: "in 2005 i worked as a trainee in a chartered accountant firm. Accountants maintain accurate records of an organization's income and expenses payroll inventories and financial statements accountants can also work for individual clients and families trainee, i didn't want to give up my wage and go back to study full time so it ticked all says she was particularly impressed with the ati apprenticeship programme; "i joined here as a trainee accountant.

The average graduate starting salary is up 750 to 29 000 the diplomatic service and the government economics service, durban a trainee accountant found guilty of defrauding the sa revenue said ismail committed the offences to finance a lifestyle he could not afford on his r5 000 a month salary and had. But what jobs can you do with a second language a lot of people think that language with a good level of fluency in any language pay: base salaries start at around 18 000 for a trainee but, "i worked as system assistant trainee "my first salary had a huge significance in my life both "my first salary was rs "i started as an accountant in a dry fruit importer's office.

Due to graduate next year she has already been hired as a trainee by a contractor on a scheme offered through the institute those who perform well during a six month internship will be offered, davis's oldest child a daughter aged 20 has been granted guardianship of the two youngest boys aged although lambert says: "she's a low paid trainee accountant - she can't support two