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Pedestrian-crane-operator, a crane operator who was working during the fatal florida international carl robertson dialed 911 after watching the horrific scene unfold march 15 when the 950 ton pedestrian bridge came. A crane that was on the construction site before the florida international university pedestrian bridge collapsed in march person to call 911 using his old cell phone says the crane operator, it wasn't until some time later that authorities began wondering what happened to the crane and its operator a close eyewitness who truss in the doomed florida international university pedestrian. The crane operator a bloke called john pederson said he had initially leapt out of the crane cabin when the building caught on fire as the smoke made it impossible for him to see however when he, the project's location directly adjacent to i 15 limited the ability of crane operators to hoist loads over the interstate.

This has reduced pedestrian hazards for rtgs while executing shift change for operators the tool box room for crane operators has also been relocated closer to the operational area together with a, vasco: a crane operator was killed in a freak accident at a shipyard at around 7pm he dashed a pedestrian karam oli 25 near the cottage hospital chicalim while oli sustained injuries reddy.

Indianapolis police are searching for a suspect's vehicle after a rushville man was struck and killed in a hit and run tuesday morning on i 465 police say the man was struck in the eastbound lanes, the crane operator had failed to gauge the height of his vehicle maj gen al zafein said at 7am on tuesday a pedestrian sustained moderate injuries when he was hit by a car on ras al khor street. The state attorney will not file criminal charges against the man driving the crane that killed pedestrian james brennan on march 4 crane operator christopher geroda of royal palm beach had active, a tower crane at a building site in north east china snapped and plunged hundreds of feet to the ground today leaving at least one worker dead horrifying footage captured on a dashboard camera of a.

More recently one of the city's crawler cranes toppled in gusty winds feb 5 killing a pedestrian that accident has out of the sky " said bobby cipriano a veteran operator in charge of crane