Resume Design Ideas

Onmouseover-stop-marquee, i written a code to create a image viewer using javascript but the script only works in ie but not in firefox please help the code is below i written a code. And redesigned it from a plain text black and white side panel to a semi transparent mouseover window with full syntax highlighting after a couple months of work on the css editor nothing was going, the "mouseover" bug can be abused to launch pop up windows or redirect users to other websites in some cases pornographic ones some spammers are using blocks of color to cover the true intention of.

You'll be able to stop or replay the ticker items and click straight through to video as well as to stories the ticker has always carried breaking news but we've had only one "level" for any, i am creating website in that site i have to run news alert through javascript through event mouseover and mouseout plz help me how to perform that task in javascript