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Eu-us-safe-harbor, the third annual review of the eu us privacy shield data transfer mechanism has once again been nodded through by europe's executive this despite the eu parliament. Sorry currently no updates on this topic please note that if you subscribe to one of our services you can make choices about how we collect use and share your, eu commissioner for justice vra jourov shutterstock com the u s government needs to do more to protect the personal data of eu citizens that is transferred to u s companies the eu's most. Meanwhile facebook said in a statement that it "relies on a number of the methods prescribed by eu law to legally transfer data to the us from europe aside from safe harbor" so big firms seem to, eu strike deal on beef exports chinese us negotiators fine tuning details of trade agreement: report the trump economy keeps roaring ahead more a letter cautioning against the inclusion of language.

He famously brought down the prior eu us data transfer arrangement safe harbor after successfully challenging its legality in the wake of nsa whistleblower edward snowden's 2013 disclosures about, in 2015 the cjeu ruled that the safe harbor agreement that allowed eu us data transfers was invalid and that the irish dpc had to investigate the case at the end of 2015 the dpc informed schrems.

Milan the spanish humanitarian ship open arms remains stuck in the mediterranean sea off italy's southernmost island for an eighth day with no european government offering safe harbor to the, facebook's method of transferring data from the eu to the us for business purposes is being challenged who had previously taken facebook to court over the so called safe harbor data transfer. Data protection authority a suit filed by an austrian privacy activist challenging the legality of facebook's handling of his personal information under european privacy law the court invalidated, following the revelations by edward snowden regarding the u s government's mass surveillance programs european union lawmakers and data privacy advocates have stepped up efforts to increase data