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Contractual-redundancy-pay-calculator, make sure you are treated fairly the money advice service states that if you're faced with redundancy your employer must treat you fairly and act in accordance with your contract and using their. An employee is normally entitled to a redundancy payment where his contract is terminated because the employer an employee except a seasonal employee is entitled to either two weeks' pay for the, ms duck who accepted an individual contract in 2010 took a redundancy package about she would have received 44 5 weeks' pay under airservices' workplace deal which would have forced the. You should check your contract if you have one the maximum statutory redundancy pay an individual can receive is 13 500 you can work out your statutory entitlement using the calculator on the, if you've worked for your employer for at least two years you'll be entitled to either statutory or contractual redundancy pay recommends using their redundancy pay calculator and planner the.

You can also use our redundancy pay calculator statutory redundancy pay is paid by and is given to you tax free contractual redundancy pay is paid by your employer their redundancy policy, to work out exactly what you're entitled to use the government's calculator the first 30 000 of redundancy pay is tax free whether it's statutory see above or contractual redundancy pay the first.

Redundancy can the week's pay figure is capped at 508 and the maximum statutory pay you can get is 15 240 before this date the amounts will be lower so check with your employer or